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DEVA sliding bearings for heavy duty

Extreme conditions are where they're most at home. That is exactly what makes them so appealing. The market for self-lubricating and maintenance-free sliding bearings in the heavy-duty sector is growing rapidly.

Soaring maintenance costs, competitive pressure, and the need to act ecologically are leading to a change in the way that bearings are used. The use of self-lubricating, maintenance-free material systems makes it possible to sustainably reduce or even completely avoid the escape of environmentally harmful lubricants such as oil and grease. Without forgoing performance! At the same time, costs can be effectively reduced by cutting down on maintenance and disposal expenses. With their special attributes, DEVA sliding bearings in the heavy-duty sector are demonstrating their effectiveness in agriculture, in mining, on construction sites, in materials handling and transshipment cranes, and in many other applications.

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DEVA sliding bearings can cope with extreme operating conditions:

  • High temperatures and stresses
  • Chemicals
  • Dirt
  • Corrosion
  • Complex lubrication
  • Difficult movement patterns
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Heavy duty Application areas

How do we move heavy loads? With ease!

Things can quickly become dusty, hot, and complicated on fields or in mines. Agricultural, mining or construction machinery therefore has to be especially robust while still remaining flexible. The potential of DEVA's maintenance-free sliding bearing solutions can be demonstrated time and again in tribological analyses and customer-specific field trials.

Heavy duty Products

Perfect sliding bearings

Because attention to detail makes all the difference.
deva.glide Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen

deva.glide® is a self-lubricating sliding material made of highly wear-resistant bronze. The sliding surface is equipped with solid lubricant deposits and, if required, with a running-in film. deva.glide® enables the maintenance-free replacement of previously lubricated sliding bearings made of bronze.

read more Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen®® is a self-lubricating, thin-walled composite sliding bearing material consisting of a (stainless) steel or bronze backing, a deva.metal® sliding layer, and a running-in film if required. It is able to withstand the highest of loads, and operates efficiently and economically.

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deva.metal Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen

deva.metal® is a self-lubricating sliding material and a powder metallurgy product. Unlike conventional sintered sliding materials, deva.metal® is not porous and oil-impregnated but is instead characterized by its high compaction and the uniformly dispersed solid lubricant.

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deva.tex Werkstoffe zusammen

deva.tex® is a self-lubricating, high-performance sliding bearing material consisting of a glass-fiber-reinforced base layer and a workable sliding layer made of epoxy resin.
This special material is both highly resilient and resistant to corrosion and wear. 

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deva.ThrustSeal® is a self-lubricating, two-layer composite sliding material consisting of a machinable fiber composite sliding layer and a second elastic layer of PU foam. It offers outstanding damping behavior and excellent tribological values.

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deva.glycodur Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen

GLYCODUR® is a sliding bearing material in two standard designs. Both have a steel backing with sintered-on tin bronze and covering layers of PTFE or POM. The material stands out thanks to its high delivery performance and eco-friendly production.

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Sealed bearing solutions

Self-lubricating bearings for agricultural and construction machinery

With deva.tex®, we have not only launched the most high-performance composite material onto the heavy-duty market but are also presenting a patented seal solution that pairs reduced maintenance effort with durability and environmental friendliness. We have been able to demonstrate the practicality and high effectiveness of deva.tex®, including the newly developed seal systems, in intensive tests involving excavators under real operating conditions.

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Verwendung von DEVA Werkstoffen in Baumaschinen
Mähdrescher und Traktor bei der Landwirtschaft
Heavy duty Sustainability

Think environmentally, act sustainably.

Increased environmental awareness and tighter legal requirements are leading to increased demand for eco-friendly solutions and are making the use of low-maintenance or maintenance-free systems ever more attractive. We have replaced grease with solid lubricants that form a low-friction film between the bearing and the race material, thereby separating them. This enables controlled wear and makes our self-lubricating, maintenance-free sliding bearings the epitome of efficient and sustainable solutions.

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Heavy duty Quality commitment

That's why your next project will be a resounding success!

High-performance, environmentally aware, and goal-oriented: You always get the best result with DEVA. Our vast experience makes us a professional partner when it comes to bearings – and not just for the heavy-duty sector. Are you looking for a high-quality, efficient, and robust sliding bearing solution for your application? Then feel free to talk to us. We look forward to your inquiry!
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