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Always remains tight. Even under extreme conditions.

Two-layer composite sliding material:

deva.ThrustSeal® is a two-layer composite sliding material with a sliding layer and an elastic second layer.

The main areas in which deva.ThrustSeal® is used are sliding bearing systems with an axial shoulder, thrust washers or sliding plates that are intended to provide an additional axial sealing effect against dust and dirt. The second elastic layer enables installation under preload, as a result of which bearing gaps are closed.

Particles are therefore kept out of the bearing system.

deva thrustseal
deva.ThrustSeal® ND541 Features

Layer thicknesses and dimensions can be manufactured for the specific customer

Sliding layer is machinable

Excellent damping behavior and outstanding resistance to shock loads

Additional lubrication is not permissible

deva.ThrustSeal® ND541 Characteristics
Max. permissible stat. load [N/mm²]
25 N/mm²
Max. permissible dyn. load [N/mm²]
15 N/mm²
Coefficient of friction, dry
Coefficient of friction, water
Max. pU value [MPa*m/s]
1.2 MPa*m/s
deva.ThrustSeal® ND541 Summary

The sliding layer of deva.ThrustSeal® ND541 is a fiber composite (color: black) consisting of epoxy resin and a special synthetic fabric.

The solid lubricant that is finely distributed in the resin matrix lends the material its excellent tribological properties.

The second layer (color: green) is an elastic PU foam.

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