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From Hesse to the whole world

Company About us

Individual sliding bearing solutions
for the highest of requirements

We have been supporting our customers and their sliding bearing applications since 1949. As a member of the international Tenneco Group, our 200 employees in Stadtallendorf, Hesse, and Qingdao, China, produce four different product lines that cover a wide range of applications thanks to their different properties and materials. This has enabled DEVA to become involved in projects such as the suspension bridge over the Hardanger Fjord, which has the longest free spans in the world, or the Three Gorges Dam in China.

The product portfolio extends from miniature applications in the millimeter range, as found in sewer robots, for example, to large sliding bearings with diameters of several meters for hydroelectric power plants. It covers both pharmaceutical production and packaging machines as well as highly stressed bearings in steel plants and construction machinery. Our long company history and extensive experience enable us to offer not only safe and reliable products but also bespoke service and individual advice for your project.

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Company Certification

DEVA stands for quality and longevity.

We have been working on the safety and flawlessness of our products and production steps for over 70 years. Our striving to achieve the highest standards of quality is reflected not only in our testing methods but also in the results of our work, our certifications, and our customer awards.

Our certificates

Company Timeline

This is our history


With its innovative and high-quality products, DEVA is an important and globally active problem solver in the industrial sector. Nevertheless, DEVA remains our passion, and innovation continues to guide us as our strategic corporate goal.


Our constant striving to achieve improved technical solutions led to the development of, and subsequently to a patent for, deva.ThrustSeal®, a thrust sealing disk made of high-performance composite material.

Further exciting solutions for our customers will soon be entering series production.

deva thrustseal


DEVA became part of the international Tenneco Group with over 70,000 employees and more than 270 sites worldwide.



A DEVA plant was opened in Qingdao, China. Using cutting-edge manufacturing technology, it was now possible to supply the local market directly, with the global market participating in inexpensive production.

The same standards of quality and performance apply worldwide, no matter the country in which DEVA sliding bearings are manufactured.

DEVA entrance in Qingdao, China


The existing plant for manufacturing deva.tex® sliding bearings was approaching its capacity limits.

A new, modern plant for manufacturing self-lubricating deva.tex® high-performance sliding materials was therefore put into opertion at the Stadtallendorf site. This enabled the constant increase in market demand for composite sliding materials to be met more efficiently and inexpensively.

3D graphic: High-volume deva.tex plant


After being taken over by the Federal-Mogul Group, DEVA henceforth changed its name to Federal-Mogul DEVA GmbH.

1975® was developed: A thin-walled, self-lubricating composite sliding material used in hydroelectric turbines and packaging machines, for example. The thin-walled design and a diverse choice of variants offered entirely new design options — with very high static and dynamic loading capacity and outstanding tribological properties. pile-up of different components


The old axial face seals that were in great demand at that time, particularly for steam locomotives, which were an important means of transport, were gradually being displaced from production and self-lubricating sliding bearings were on the advance.

Back then, half of the company's sales were already being generated with self-lubricating deva.metal® sliding bearings.

Deventer advertisement from 1959


DEVA's "Process for manufacturing graphite-based metal powder preforms" was patented.


The concept of applying lubricant onto a piston rod, after which the lubricant was then immediately disposed of at the axial face seal, was unable to satisfy the DEVA's high technical aspirations.

A sustainable, more cost-effective solution was required, long before features such as "self-lubrication" and "maintenance-free" were demanded by the market and also emerged in EU directives.

On the evening of December 17, 1951, Max Deventer applied for a patent for DEVA's "Process for manufacturing graphite-based metal powder preforms," which was issued shortly afterwards.


Following expropriation in Stassfurt and relocation to the peaceful town of Stadtallendorf, DEVA was refounded. The town is a medium-sized industrial community situated around 100 kilometers north of Frankfurt am Main.

Over time, our company's product portfolio evolved from graphitized seals to self-lubricating metals with graphite dispersions.

Deventer office building in the 1950s


Development of the first self-lubricating materials began, and the basis for deva.metal® was established.

The company's founder was constantly reflecting on possibilities for optimization, and came up with solutions for which initial patents were granted back in 1931.


The "Deventer-Werke" relocated to Stassfurt. At that time, the Max Deventer company was manufacturing self-adjusting axial face seals made of gray cast iron that were used as rod seals in moving and lubricated parts in pumps.


DEVA founder Max Deventer recognized the need for unlubricated seals and established the "Max Deventer" company in Hanover. The first products to be manufactured were graphitized seals.

Portrait of Max Deventer, 1942
DEVA Managing Director Hendryk Pfeuffer

Forging the future

"DEVA proves that tradition and innovation are not mutually exclusive. Quite the opposite: In a profitable symbiosis, we learn from the past and look confidently to the future. We see possibilities, seize opportunities, and keep progress in our sights at all times."

- Hendryk Pfeuffer, Managing Director

Company Sustainability

Make tomorrow better

DEVA's commitment to socially responsible and sustainable management applies unreservedly, irrespective of the challenges we face.

Our corporate values include the responsibility that we have toward our customers, employees, and society for a better future. Among other aspects, we put this value into practice through our commitment to the sustainable design of our products and processes. With self-lubricating sliding bearings from DEVA, our customers are already benefiting from maintenance-free operation, as a result of which they save vast quantities of lubricants, energy, and maintenance effort every year.

During the re-certification of the Stadtallendorf site in accordance with ISO 14001 in 2021, the effectiveness of DEVA's environmental management system was once again confirmed by external auditors.

Besides the basic requirement of legal compliance, we have also succeeded in demonstrating continuous improvements in resource efficiency in manufacturing our products. By switching completely to CO2-neutral nitrogen for instance, we are already avoiding around 144 metric tons of CO2 equivalents per year. 100% of our electricity is also obtained from renewable energies, thereby closing the circle from the production of sliding bearings for hydroelectric and wind turbines to using the power generated by these environmentally friendly energy sources.

As a company, we are working consistently on numerous other projects to continuously reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We are laying the foundation today for a better future tomorrow.

Company Carreer

Efficiency and humanity form DEVA's DNA

We can only succeed in surpassing ourselves time and again and in developing exactly the products that meet our customers' needs 100% with our strong team. We therefore attach particularly high value to respectful cooperation and a working atmosphere in which each member of staff can discover and develop their individual strengths. This is one of the reasons why some of our employees are already the third generation of their families to work at DEVA. And we build on this experience: Training and development opportunities pave the way to a secure future and exciting prospects.

Take the next step on your career path right now – become part of DEVA!

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Company International

DEVA is a real global player

Our globally operating sales and service teams are available for you on the ground. No matter what you need and where you need it: We will develop your individual sliding bearing solution together.