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High-performance sliding bearings from DEVA

DEVA is a pioneer in, and the world's leading manufacturer of, maintenance-free, self-lubricating sliding bearings. Individually and perfectly coordinated. Whether you need a small sliding bearing or a large spherical sliding bearing with seals and parts for conversion, DEVA develops the optimal solution. Our sliding bearings guarantee smooth and maintenance-free operation of machines, vehicles, and plants under even the harshest of operating conditions. As a specialist for application-oriented sliding bearing solutions, our standard range also includes a large selection of immediately available standard bearings.

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Perfect sliding bearings

Because attention to detail makes all the difference.
deva.glide Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen

deva.glide® is a self-lubricating sliding material made of highly wear-resistant bronze. The sliding surface is equipped with solid lubricant deposits and, if required, with a running-in film. deva.glide® enables the maintenance-free replacement of previously lubricated sliding bearings made of bronze.

read more Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen®® is a self-lubricating, thin-walled composite sliding bearing material consisting of a (stainless) steel or bronze backing, a deva.metal® sliding layer, and a running-in film if required. It is able to withstand the highest of loads, and operates efficiently and economically.

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deva.metal Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen

deva.metal® is a self-lubricating sliding material and a powder metallurgy product. Unlike conventional sintered sliding materials, deva.metal® is not porous and oil-impregnated but is instead characterized by its high compaction and the uniformly dispersed solid lubricant.

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deva.tex Werkstoffe zusammen

deva.tex® is a self-lubricating, high-performance sliding bearing material consisting of a glass-fiber-reinforced base layer and a workable sliding layer made of epoxy resin.
This special material is both highly resilient and resistant to corrosion and wear. 

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deva.ThrustSeal® is a self-lubricating, two-layer composite sliding material consisting of a machinable fiber composite sliding layer and a second elastic layer of PU foam. It offers outstanding damping behavior and excellent tribological values.

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deva.glycodur Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen

GLYCODUR® is a sliding bearing material in two standard designs. Both have a steel backing with sintered-on tin bronze and covering layers of PTFE or POM. The material stands out thanks to its high delivery performance and eco-friendly production.

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Success across the board

We have adapted our product portfolio to our customers' wishes and requirements. Irrespective of how complex your project may be, we will find a sliding bearing solution for you.

Our DEVA sliding bearings are already supporting our customers' applications in diverse sectors:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Heavy duty
  • Offshore and marine
  • Power generation
  • Transport