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DEVA sliding bearings for offshore & marine

The environment in the offshore business, which is demanding in any case, is facing immense challenges. 

People's increasing environmental awareness is necessitating ecologically justifiable approaches while maintaining efficiency at the same time. This also applies to bearings. Thanks to innovative new and further developments, nothing to rival DEVA sliding bearings will be on offer any time soon! Our products for the offshore and marine sector are available in a wide range of various maintenance-free materials, enabling a bespoke bearing solution for every application. Our self-lubricating, maintenance-free DEVA sliding bearings are especially suitable for use in and under water because the solid lubricant is not compromised.


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Offshore and marine application areas of DEVA sliding bearings

  • Offshore wind turbines
  • FPSO ships
  • Floating and harbor cranes
  • Anchoring systems
  • Oil rigs

If you too need an individual sliding bearing solution for your application, you're in exactly the right place. DEVA is your all-in-one service partner when it comes to bearings. 

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Offshore & marine Application areas

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DEVA's sliding bearings strike a perfect balance between efficiency and sustainability under even the most difficult of conditions. Their range of applications extends from robust anchoring and crane systems, offshore installations, and wind turbines to FPSO ships and oil extraction. Both onshore and on the high seas, we at DEVA adapt every sliding bearing solution to your individual needs and get your application moving.

Perfect sliding bearings

Because attention to detail makes all the difference.
deva.glide Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen

deva.glide® is a self-lubricating sliding material made of highly wear-resistant bronze. The sliding surface is equipped with solid lubricant deposits and, if required, with a running-in film. deva.glide® enables the maintenance-free replacement of previously lubricated sliding bearings made of bronze.

read more Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen®® is a self-lubricating, thin-walled composite sliding bearing material consisting of a (stainless) steel or bronze backing, a deva.metal® sliding layer, and a running-in film if required. It is able to withstand the highest of loads, and operates efficiently and economically.

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deva.metal Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen

deva.metal® is a self-lubricating sliding material and a powder metallurgy product. Unlike conventional sintered sliding materials, deva.metal® is not porous and oil-impregnated but is instead characterized by its high compaction and the uniformly dispersed solid lubricant.

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deva.tex Werkstoffe zusammen

deva.tex® is a self-lubricating, high-performance sliding bearing material consisting of a glass-fiber-reinforced base layer and a workable sliding layer made of epoxy resin.
This special material is both highly resilient and resistant to corrosion and wear. 

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deva.ThrustSeal® is a self-lubricating, two-layer composite sliding material consisting of a machinable fiber composite sliding layer and a second elastic layer of PU foam. It offers outstanding damping behavior and excellent tribological values.

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deva.glycodur Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen

GLYCODUR® is a sliding bearing material in two standard designs. Both have a steel backing with sintered-on tin bronze and covering layers of PTFE or POM. The material stands out thanks to its high delivery performance and eco-friendly production.

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Jack-up vessel applications

Jack-up vessel applications Self-lubricating bearings for offshore jack-up platforms® is our high-performance material for all offshore and marine customers that are looking for an inexpensive but reliable solution for safe operation and a long service life. It is even more durable than deva.metal® and can be optionally supplied with a PTFE insert that offers an even lower coefficient of friction. From the sliding bearing and segments to the washer,® stands out with a variety of individual dimensions, tolerances, and forms that also enable large diameters.

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Offshore & marine Sustainability

Efficiency through environmental awareness

Protecting the oceans has become increasingly important in recent decades. With our work at DEVA, we are actively committed to environmental protection and sustainability.

DEVA offers a portfolio of extensively self-lubricating, seawater-resistant, and also DNV-tested solutions.
The particular advantage of using maintenance-free, self-lubricating bearing materials is that lubricants such as oil and greases can be reduced or eliminated. That safeguards the environment without having to forgo performance.

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Offshore & marine Quality guarantee

More performance with DEVA

Our DEVA application engineers support the development processes from your initial request for application-specific calculations up to the ultimate design and installation. Special test methods guarantee material suitability under heavy loads and special conditions. These include extreme heat or sub-zero temperatures, seawater, sand, and much more. We look forward to supporting you and your application, too!

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