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Maintenance-free, of course.
Sliding bearings from DEVA.

DEVA sliding bearings move the world

We develop custom solutions for your individual applications and industries with innovative high-tech products and technical expertise.
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For over 85 years, maintenance-free, self-lubricating sliding bearings from DEVA have been proving themselves in innumerable industrial applications.

Our products can be found in large machines, in the construction and automotive industries, in wind turbines and hydroelectric power plants as well as in general mechanical engineering. Experienced teams of specialists are in action for you around the globe in order to develop, install, and look after your sliding bearing solution.

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Perfect sliding bearings

Because attention to detail makes all the difference.
deva.metal Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen

deva.metal® is a self-lubricating sliding material and a powder metallurgy product. Unlike conventional sintered sliding materials, deva.metal® is not porous and oil-impregnated but is instead characterized by its high compaction and the uniformly dispersed solid lubricant.

read more Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen®® is a self-lubricating, thin-walled composite sliding bearing material consisting of a (stainless) steel or bronze backing, a deva.metal® sliding layer, and a running-in film if required. It is able to withstand the highest of loads, and operates efficiently and economically.

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deva.glide Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen

deva.glide® is a self-lubricating sliding material made of highly wear-resistant bronze. The sliding surface is equipped with solid lubricant deposits and, if required, with a running-in film. deva.glide® enables the maintenance-free replacement of previously lubricated sliding bearings made of bronze.

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deva.tex Werkstoffe zusammen

deva.tex® is a self-lubricating, high-performance sliding bearing material consisting of a glass-fiber-reinforced base layer and a workable sliding layer made of epoxy resin.
This special material is both highly resilient and resistant to corrosion and wear. 

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deva.ThrustSeal® is a self-lubricating, two-layer composite sliding material consisting of a machinable fiber composite sliding layer and a second elastic layer of PU foam. It offers outstanding damping behavior and excellent tribological values.

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deva.glycodur Werkstoffe auf einem Haufen

GLYCODUR® is a sliding bearing material in two standard designs. Both have a steel backing with sintered-on tin bronze and covering layers of PTFE or POM. The material stands out thanks to its high delivery performance and eco-friendly production.

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Everything from a single source

From design and installation to inspection, DEVA
is there by your side as your all-in-one service partner.

Our expert team is in action around the globe to get to know your application, to understand your requirements, and to offer you individual sliding bearing solutions.
And if any questions crop up in the process, we're always there for you.  

 Short distances, quick solutions!

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Company Sustainability

DEVA – for the sake of the environment

Environmental friendliness and sustainability are becoming increasingly important in the industrial sector.

Demand for eco-friendly solutions is rising. Our work at DEVA is also marked by our acute environmental awareness. From the manufacturing process to the use of the products, we pay attention to the origin of our raw materials and use them in a resource-efficient manner.

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Company Mission statement

Our mission is to find the solution for your individual project

Our vast experience means that we are not only experts as regards sliding bearings but also professional solution providers and process consultants.
Our specialist teams work on an equal footing with you in order to get to know your application, understand it, and guide it to success. The complexity of your project is irrelevant.

Benefit from our expertise, and let's talk in confidence about your next challenge.

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Step into the future with DEVA!

As part of our competent teams of specialists, you will work on exciting projects and in diverse task areas.
In keeping with general progress, we particularly foster personal development.

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